Home Page of Yankee Siege Trebuchet, Greenfield, New Hampshire
        Welcome to the new Yankee Siege website. I would like this site to be a forum for dissemination of information about all trebuchets, not just Yankee Siege. I hope that there can be an open discussion of problems, solutions and new ideas.
        The Yankee Siege Team has always had the philosophy that building, practicing and competing should, above all, be fun! Don't get me wrong, we do like to compete, and we take it very seriously, but we always try to keep it in perspective. We have always been very open about the exact specifications of our machine and we will periodically update you on our plans for modifications.
        All teams' members know that winning is only a temporary condition. Sooner or later somebody will beat us. We've been very lucky the past three years. The 2007 season was very competitive. As I saw it, there were at least four possible teams that could break the current 1702 ft. World Record throw.  However, the record was unbroken at the 2007 World Championships.  The four teams are as follows:
        1.Trebabaric- The team from Washington State has proven that they can throw very far with a best toss of 1670 ft. Word has it that they have redesigned their wooden trebuchet.
        2. PumpkinHammer- This is the team that keeps on trying, with three 2nd place wins, and a 1350 ft. throw.  They definitely have potential if they can solve their release and frame/arm issues.  Their whipper has the potential to break (in my opinion) the 2000 ft. barrier. If anyone deserves first place, it is these guys.
        3. Merlin/King Arthur- The Legend!!!  They are a four time World Record holder. What more needs to be said? Here is a guy who has designed the most efficient machine in the whole competition. I did a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation of King Arthur's energy efficiency, and it has an amazing 57% efficiency. This means that 57% of the potential energy of the counter weight is going into the projectile.  (By the way, Yankee Siege is 5.9% efficient. Yes, that's right, I put the decimal point in the right place. Yankee Siege is the worst machine in the whole competition.) Yankee Siege wins by brute force, not by energy efficiency.
        Merlin's status remains to be seen. Merlin was a no-show for the past two years. The man who designed the amazing King Arthur definitely has the potential to design an F2K/FAT.
        4. The Unknown- I have just talked about the known competition. There is always the potential that some unknown could arrive on the scene. In 2004 Yankee Siege was unknown. You never know, that's part of the excitement.
        The Yankee Siege Team wishes all the teams the best of luck this season. Hopefully all of your machines are ready (or will be ready). Have safe practice sessions and hope nothing breaks!!!
        Steve Seigars
Welcome and Mission Statement, Yankee Siege Trebuchet
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Yankee Siege at punkin Chunkin '06
Yankee Siege ready to throw
Attaching Yankee Siege's throwing arm
Yankee Siege in throwing position

Attaching Yankee Siege's throwing arm
at Punkin Chunkin 06

Yankee Siege at
The World Championship
in Delaware