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 Yankee Siege Rental

Yankee Siege is now available for rent

        If you would like to rent Yankee Siege for a day or more, we are now available to help "catapult" your business or product!

        We can throw a maximum 300 pound object.

        Rental Fee:  $3000.00 per day, at our site.

        Includes:  Four member crew;
                      all rigging;
                      castle; etc…

        You bring the object, we'll find a way to throw it!  Free consultation!

        Our location is in picturesque Greenfield, New Hampshire.

        Will Travel!  Yankee Siege can also travel to
your site!

        If you need us to travel, arrangements can be made to cover travel expenses and set-up.  Your site must have
a minimum of 1000 feet of space!

Contact us at 1-603-547-6421

 Mace Ball Rental

        Yankee Siege also has a giant 14 foot diameter Mace Ball weighing 10,000 pounds!  (See picture at right.)  This ball can be lifted with our crane and be dropped on the object of your choice.  What better way to crush your competition!  It's all up to your imagination!

        No Hazardous Materials

Rent Yankee Siege and the Mace Ball
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Yankee Siege, the Mace Ball, and the Castle at Yankee Farmer, Greenfield, NH
The Castle at Yankee Farmer
The Mace Ball and the crane that lifts it
Yankee Siege, Mace Ball, and Castle in beautiful Greenfield, New Hampshire

Our Castle is the perfect compliment
to Yankee Siege

When our Mace Ball crushes something,
stays crushed!