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Home Page of Yankee Siege Trebuchet, Greenfield, New Hampshire

        The official regulatory organization of Punkin Chunkin.  WCPCA organizes the events, keeps the records and establishes
the rules.

        A worldwide community of catapult enthusiasts pursuing
the art, history, science and engineering of hurling!
        Medievel Fantasies Company is a full service resource for Medieval, Renaissance & Fantasy themed events, activities and merchandise!

   The Competition


        A website devoted to large trebuchets.  King Arthur and Merlin are our perennial competitors at the World Championships.
        The Official Website of Team PumpkinHammer, "All American Punkin' Chuckers".  The site contains photos, videos,
and a history of their trebuchet. sells fully assembled working model Trebuchets, Trebuchet Kits, and Trebuchet Plans for Medieval
and Renaissance enthusiasts, teachers, and students.
        A website selling Trebuchet kits, plans and books.  This is also an informational site, a good source for cataput and trebuchet history and facts.
        Carbon Fiber Tubes may well be the next generation in Trebuchet throwing arm technology.
        American Steel is located nearby in Greenfield, NH and has been of great help in the construction of Yankee Siege.
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PumpkinHammer in Delaware

   In Print

        "Pie In The Sky: The Authorized History Of Punkin Chunkin", a book about the history of Punkin Chunkin in Delaware.