About Yankee Siege Trebuchet
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The final assembly
of Yankee Siege's
throwing arm

Ready to throw!

The final assembly of Yankee Siege's throwing arm
Cocked and ready to throw
Home Page of Yankee Siege Trebuchet, Greenfield, New Hampshire
 The Builders

   Constructed by            
        -Steve Seigars, Yankee Farmer. 
        -Patrick Seigars, Yankee Farmer.
        -Michael Seigars, Yankee Farmer.
        -Kathy Seigars, Yankee Farmer. (Trebuchet Widow)

Consultant and Builder
        -Chuck Willard, Hancock, NH.

        -David Webb, American Steel, Greenfield, NH.

        -Paul Gingras, Mattapoisett, MA.

        -Kerry Smith, Hancock, NH.

Crane Service                                                 Back To Top
        -American Steel, Greenfield, NH.                    

Thanks to all who helped the dream become a reality!

† General Specifications

        -Designed to throw 250-300 lbs.
        -300-400 yards with counterweight partially loaded with
        50 - 100 lb. pumpkin.
        -The ultimate range with a fully loaded counterweight has yet         to be determined.

   Actual Throws
        -2004:  1394' World Record throw with 8-10 lb. pumpkin.
        -2005:  1702' World Record throw with 8-10 lb. pumpkin.
        -2006:  1476' World Championship throw with 8-10 lb.         pumpkin.
        -2007:  1658' World Championship throw with 8-10 lb.         pumpkin.

   What can Yankee Siege Throw?
        -Trebuchets were designed to throw large round rocks that         weigh 250 lbs. Yankee Siege is designed to throw the same         thing. We substitute pumpkins and other such objects for         the sake of safety.

Machine Height
        -Baseline height: 56'.
        -Height with 5' steel arm extension: 61'.
        -Height with 7 1/2' aluminum arm extension: 63 1/2'.

   Machine Weight                                  Back To Top  
        -52,000 to 56,000 lbs.

 Construction Details

   Main Frame
        -16" x 50 lb./ft. I Beam.        
        -16' wide x 24' long.

        -10' 1" diameter, weighing 2600 lbs. each.
        -The 1/2" thick rims were cut from oil drums and are
        18" wide.
        -7" axle, 20' track, 20' wheelbase.

Wood Bracing
        -(4) 8" x 12" red oak: fore-aft support members.
        -(4) 4" x 12" red oak: lateral support members.                   
Fulcrum Axle
        -4" x 6' solid steel with 4 pillow block bearings.

Throwing Arm
        -14" x 38 lb./ft. "W" beam, tapered to 3 1/2 " x 2" at tip,         with stiffeners added to topp, bottom, and sides.
        -42' total length, with 35' length in front of the pivot, and 7'          behind. (Ratio of long to short: 5/1).
        -1 1/2 " release pin, bent to a 30 degree angle or 1" release         pin with extension bent to various angles.

        -1 3/4" wedge with 2/1 ratio.
        -50/1 mechanical advantage class I lever to release latch.

        -26' x 1" nylon straps with pouch and 26' x 3/8" nylon rope         and 26' x 1/8" steel cable or 26' x 1/8" Kevlar or Amsteel
        -Ratio of long part of arm/sling length 74.2%.

Counterweight (Swinging)
        -12,000 lbs. (Base*), 13,000, 14,000, 15,000, 16,000 lbs.
        *Partially filled with railroad track- can be loaded up to         30,000 lbs. plus.

Winch (Counterweight)
        -1 1/2' nylon pull down rope.
        -16" winch drum with rachet.
        -22.5/1 reduction driven by hydraulic motor using a 5 hp.
        Honda motor, with a 15.1/1 gear reducer on hydraulic motor.
        Counterweight can also be raised manually.